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Canada Asia Business Network Services

A one-stop solution that consolidates the complex business dealing into just two simple steps.

Strategic Investor Search

We help Canadian businesses look for strategic Asian investors and business partners.
  • Consultation to define investment goal.
  • Create a business profile.
  • Packaging the business for investor marketing.
  • Investor Roundtables, networking and pre-screening for suitable and qualified investors.
  • Investor presentation setup.
  • Arranging and facilitating investor meetings and following up with investors.
  • Negotiation facilitation and provide assistance on terms of business.

Service Fee: $3,000 & up plus finder’s fee


Networking & Marketing

Marketing your business and its services to potential Asian consumers, business partners, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Translation of your business and your services.
  • Development of localized Asian marketing plan.
  • Marketing your services through Asian media (local & abroad).
  • Networking Events.
  • Tradeshow and roadshow arrangements in Asia.

Service Fee: $4,000 & up

Asian Business Development

We help Canadian businesses seek Asian opportunities from both a market & growth perspective as well as a capital & funding perspective. We help you:
  • Create a business profile
  • Research appropriate market opportunities in Asian markets
  • Matching and connecting you with Asian resources
  • Developing tailored Asian business & marketing plan
  • Executing the growth strategy

Service Fee: $5,000 & Up

Chinese Business Development


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We share with our members our knowledge and experience in dealing with Asian investors and business partners in corporate settings, during business negotiations, and off-work relationships. We provide many member exclusive services and events on a bi-weekly basis. Just to name a few:
CABN Membership


Learn from past experience. Get to know how to work better with Asian partners and investors. Communicating effectively with strategic, operational and financial investors. We are here to share our success and unsuccessful experience.

Mastermind Groups

Meet other business owners in the same industry/sector. See what everyone is doing to overcome same and different problems. A matching of resources may create unexpected business synergy. An opportunity to learn how the same industry works differently in Asia.

Events & Seminars

Member exclusive events and seminars that unveil business opportunities in the vast Asian markets. Here we will make valuable connections with potential business partners and discover opportunities that go both ways – from Canada to Asia and vice versa.

Valuable Newsletters

We regularly create valuable newsletters sharing new opportunities, experiences, current affairs that every business man should be aware of when it comes to dealing with Asian markets.

Extra Value

Finally, all members will enjoy discounted service fees of up to 40% on all of our other services. This value easily accumulates to exceed $5,000 – for the price of $1,500 a year.
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