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Canada Asia Business Network
Helping Canadian businesses expand into Asian markets and obtain more capital for future growth.

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Having been established in 2007, Canada, Canada Asia Business Network has come a long way. We worked with hundreds of local businesses, dealt with tens of thousands of Asian investors, and worked on deals in countless industries throughout Canada. Today we offer our specialized experience to help further your business goals.
CABN Timeline

CABN Timeline

From the start to now. How we got started, who we worked with, and who we have helped in the 12 years that zoomed by.
CABN Services

CABN Services

Ways that we can be of help to your business. We work diligently with you, potential investors, and business professionals around the clock.


How we do it in just two easy steps. Bringing your business into Asian markets and growing exponentially.

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The builders of that bridge connecting Canada with Asia; Business with Success.
  • Tom Yuan
    Tom Yuan President / Business Director
  • Marvin Liu
    Marvin Liu Partner/Project Manager
  • Richard
    Richard Partner

Vancouver is a small city, but it has big opportunities. We create synergy between Canadian businesses and Asian markets.

Canada Asia Businesse Network.
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