A Snapshot of Time

The Beginning

Since the beginning of Canada Asia Business Network, we have progressed and evolved over the years to become more keen, professional, and specialized in various industries. Today, we are proud to say that we have become experts in discovering opportunities in Canadian businesses and aligning them with growth. Below is a brief look of they journey we started a decade ago.

Canada Asia Business Network Established

With a great passion in business and strong background and cultural understanding of both Canadian and Chinese business culture, Tom Yuan officially founded Canada Asia Business Network in 2007, with the hopes of connecting Canada and China on a deeper business level.

Investor Roundtables Officially Started

Having established a small network of local Chinese investors and a network of Canadian businesses. CABN started hosting bi-weekly Roundtable presentations of Canadian businesses to potential Chinese investors and customers alike.
Our History

Canadian Business & Project Presentations

Arranging high value presentation opportunities to Canadian businesses. The presentations are heard by many qualified Chinese investors, business partners, and potential customers alike.
Our History

Established a Network of over 5,000 Local Chinese Investors

Over the past several years, CABN accumulated a network of thousands of qualified local Chinese investors, who are actively looking for projects to invest in. At the same time, we are starting to focus on key sectors – natural resources, innovation, and sustainable technologies.
Our History

Established a Working Relationship with the Ministry of Trade of Ontario.

Connected with the Ministry of Trade of Ontario to establish a working relationship that furthers the connection between Canada and China. Canada Asia Business Network is identified as the go-to team for doing business with the Chinese market.

Became official partners with Hawkbridge Capital Partners.

Formed a strategic partnership with the professional Hawkbridge Capital Partners from Toronto. With the addition of Hawkbridge Capital, we are able to provide evaluation, capital markets, finance and other peerless business services.

Establishing Working Relations with CME

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters identified Canada Asia Business as the bridge in doing manufacturing and business in trades between Canada and China. CABN took this opportunity to share with the Canadian businesses valuable insights and experience in conducting business in the Chinese market.

First Project Based Task Force assembled

Since the beginning, CABN has been facilitating deals that came to fruition from as a result of CABN’s efforts. Through experience, CABN evolved from simply networking and connecting Canadian businesses to potential investors to project based teams. CABN also went from completely facilitating its first project in 1 and a half years to facilitating 5 deals a year.
Our History

Established Working Relationships with Canadian Professional Services

Started to integrate with main stream business service providers. We have outstanding working relationships with Canaccord Genuity, Raymond James, PwC, Denton, BLG, Davis and various other partners.

Going Stronger than Ever

We are confident in creating amazing accomplishments for both our clients and ourselves down the road. We discover, analyze, and capitalize business opportunities in Chinese markets.
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