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Successful Cases

Canada Asia Business Network has successfully helped many Canadian businesses acquire funding for both strategic growth and market exists over the last decade. We’ve compiled some notable cases as a snapshot to demonstrate Canada Asia Business Network’s achievement.

Mineral Creek

Successfully helped Bitterroot Resources Ltd. raise capital for its Mineral Creek project. Through CABN, BR Ltd. was able to acquire an approximate injection of $6 million into its project. A recommendation letter from the president of BR Ltd. was given to CABN for its assistance.

SONA Resources Corporation

Successfully helped Sona raise $10 million through private placements for expansion plans. CABN received a letter of Commendation & Recommendation from the Executive Chairman of Sona Resources Corp.

New Carolin Gold Corp

Helped New Carolin Gold Corp raise approximately $330,000 through private funding for 3 million flow-through shares. This project was a extremely rare occurrence in the mining industry. Having a market evaluation of approximately $25 to $30 million, the deal was closed ” in a heart beat ” by the mining industry standards.

Global Dental

Raised approximately $1.5 million for the medical dental equipment manufacturer, Global Dental Direct. Helped facilitate and establish a cross-border relationship between Chindex Medical Limited and Global Dental Direct to bring its products into the Chinese market.

Empire Industries Ltd.

Raised a total of $12 million for Empire Industries Ltd. through a combination of equity, friendly debt, and non-resource loan. The investor and Empire allocated parts of the investment into a PRC Manufacturing JV that enabled Empire to bring its products into the Chinese market.

Montair Aviation Inc.

Raised $8.5 million for Montair Aviation Inc. to help with its expansion plans.

Allstar Energy

Raised approximately $12 million for Allstar Energy, of which approximately $2 million was a convertible debenture.

The Wellness Group

Also known as TWG Tea. We assisted a local Vancouver company who has the exclusive rights to operate as TWG Tea in Canada raise capital to further its expansion plans. An approximate total of $3 million was raised and approximately $2 million trailing investment was injected into the business.

Going Stronger than Ever

We are confident in creating amazing accomplishments for both our clients and ourselves down the road. We discover, analyze, and capitalize business opportunities in Chinese markets. There are many other projects that we have worked on in the past, however due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to share project related information.
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